Software Service

At aeistir, we create digital solutions for international corporations, small businesses and other organisations with an aim to open up new possibilities for expansion, process automatisation, and continuous improvement. Our expertise include Driver development, cloud Programming, Mobile Applications and we build them with inspiration. Using data analytics, user experiences and cutting-edge software development, we enable thrilling digital experiences for our clients.

Custom Application

It is hard to find the software that suits your specific requirement, usually you have to arrange your needs according to the software available at market or find some other media to take care of it.

However, at the end of the day you will not be satisfied for what you have paid for. We at Aeistir, works with our clients and concentrate on customizing the software according to their requirements. This will enable our clients to fully enjoy the new power of technology.


Both Opportunities and Challenges has been created through the rise of digitization and personalization of Cloud Services. Our Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of our technology, helping you to extend existing on premises software deployments or move one hundred percent to the cloud. We are technology agnostic and our architects will help you design the most optimum solutions of the needs of the enterprise.


This service makes the users connect to the applications through Internet on a subscription basis. The Software infrastructure and services designed are managed by SAS for optimal performance and value. With aeistir SAS offerings, you simply sign up, log in and get to work, focusing on your analytic challenges.