• 24*7 Appointment Booking
  • Automated SMS, Email alert
  • Touch enabled hospital information KIOSK for public
  • Integration with patient smart cards, stickers, wrist band etc with barcode
  • Centralized vehicle management system for public
  • Diagnosis marking in MRD with ICD 10
  • EMR integrated solution for patient vital sign collection
  • Making Consultation a Green Channel System
  • Live user log tracking
  • Telemedicine Interface
  • PDA interface for IP Patient vital sign recordings
  • PDA interface for lab result
  • Using HL 7 interface
  • MIDAS integrates the EMR Server
  • Centralized Billing system

Enables Administrator to track

  • Cash flow
  • Absconding details
  • AMC details
  • Employee Performance

Enables Administrator to simulate all records in Cloud Solution


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Help Desk

  • Patient and staff enquiry
  • Doctors availability and timing
  • Room availability
  • Phone book management
  • Doctor time scheduling
  • Appointment booking
  • Patient traffic management
  • Op consultation view


  • Patient registration
  • Patient Revisit
  • OP services
  • E-appointment booking
  • Bulk email facility
  • Bulk sms facility


  • Adding different Insurance Companies and Policies
  • Availing reduction as per Policies
  • Generation of Summary report for insurance companies

Doctor Consultation

  • Medicine advice ( e-prescription)
  • Patient history (e-chart)
  • Electronic health records
  • Patient queue management
  • Consultation result review
  • Intimating emergencies
  • Case sheet entry


  • File tracking and management
  • Patient history
  • Issue of birth and death certificates
  • Patient admission records
  • Patient case sheets
  • Patient Discharge summary
  • ICD/ICPM statistical reports

IP services

  • Room category and room settings
  • Room allocation
  • Doctor visits and services
  • Ward/room transfer
  • Doctor change


  • Investigation name and services
  • Investigation results
  • HL7 compliance


  • Registration through green channel
  • Work status monitoring
  • Result entry
  • Report (e-displays)
  • HL7 complier
  • Two way integration possible

Main Store

  • Purchase comparison
  • Issue purchase order( automatic generation ,ROL and fast moving based)
  • Purchase entry and return
  • Credit purchase
  • Stock view


  • Medicine sale through e-prescription
  • Sales return
  • Counter locking
  • Duplicate billing only for administrator
  • User log based transaction details


  • Surgery booking
  • Surgery scheduling
  • Surgery details
  • Theatre availability
  • OT status
  • Biomedical waste management
  • Blood bank


  • Centralized and Distributed cash counter
  • Discharge billing
  • OP Billing
  • Department billing
  • Credit billing
  • Service billing
  • User wise cash collection

HR Department

  • Staff registration
  • Shift assigning
  • Automated attendance system
  • Salary calculation
  • Salary transaction details
  • Availing loan details
  • Doctor Wise fee setting


  • Financial Accounting with Fee Posting
  • Voucher Entry
  • Voucher authorization
  • Ledger maintenance
  • Day Book
  • Cash Book

Equip. tracking

  • Equipment tracking
  • Equipment service details
  • Malfunction reporting
  • Equipment detail & Finance
  • EMI details
  • Pending payments
  • Equipment AMC


  • Kitchen Order Ticket(KOT)
  • KOT Billing
  • Room Service
  • Stock Maintenance


  • Route scheduling
  • Token issue
  • Vehicle Maintenance Detail
  • Road Tax/Insurance remainder

Patient Care

  • Complaint Registration
  • Processing and status enquiry
  • Solution to complaints

House Keeping

  • Linen Management
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Through MIDAS, the administrator is able to monitor all statistical reports which enable him to optimize the function of the hospital.
  • Through ‘Cloud Technology’, the administrator will be able to access data from anywhere, anytime without even having an internet connection.

Importance of cloud

Cloud computing is driven by a desire to significantly improve business and IT agility, and lower IT costs. By opting Cloud service you can integrate your cloud service with existing applications, monitoring the performance, security and availability of your cloud service, and more. You likely need help, moving your applications to cloud, managing your infrastructure, customers and related applications were we expertise our presence in providing you better service.