• Three level of Purchase order issue.
  • User privilege, Counter privilege and Machine privilege to ensure high level security.
  • Chat facility between end users.
  • Lock facility for users to ensure security (Database).
  • Generation of ROL based and moving based Purchase order.
  • Pop up messages to indicate Delayed credits, Delayed Purchase order, Stock below ROL and chatting.
  • Automatic back up each time during application exit.
  • Rate settings during sales (credit and unknown customers).
  • Credit issued for only registered customers.
  • Issue of ID card to suppliers with photo.
  • Issue of ID cards to employees with photo.
  • Counter Bill.
  • Change of bill format.
  • Only Administrator can erase the chat message from the database.
  • Truly integrated solution based on multi- user environment connecting all section.
  • Provide total security on all levels and modules.
  • Powered by Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 as front end and MS SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition as back end.
  • Encrypted database ensures high level security to the software.


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Front Office

  • Phone book management
  • Customer follow up(Delayed credits)
  • Bulk email facility
  • Bulk Sms facility

Manager Purchase

  • Editing the Purchase order issued by sales section and forwarding it to administrator.
  • Issuing ROL based and moving based Purchase order.

Human Resources

  • Shift management - Staff
  • Leave calculation
  • Salary calculation
  • Salary payment


  • Customer Details
  • Remainders for Birth Day, Wedding Anniversary etc.
  • Customer complaint Management
  • Survey among customers to improve service quality


  • Account grouping
  • Transaction Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Ledger Report
  • Day Book
  • Trial Balance

User Management

  • User
  • Create User
  • Change Password
  • Privileges
  • Change your picture

Sales Counter

  • Sale using Barcode Reader.
  • Sales cancellation.
  • Sales return.
  • Issue of Primary Purchase order.

Cash Counder

  • Billing
  • Advance Billing
  • Part Billing
  • View
  • Pending bills(Daily)

Quality Control

  • Equipment tracking
  • Equipment service details
  • Malfunction reporting
  • Equipment detail & Finance
  • EMI details
  • Pending payments
  • Equipment AMC


  • Route scheduling
  • Token issue
  • Vehicle Maintenance Detail
  • Road Tax/Insurance remainder
  • New driver registration/route allotting

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Set User, Machine and Counter privilege.
  • Issue of final Purchase order.
  • Deposition and Withdrawal of Cash.
  • Set Backup path.
  • User creation and Change of password with user permissions.
  • Sale Rate settings (Six types).
  • Agent commission settings.
  • Admin permission needed to day open in the same day when once day closed is applied.
  • Issue of Agent Commission and Credit Purchase.
  • Agent Registration with photo.
  • Customer Registration with photo for allowing credit.
  • Date limit for Credit and Purchase order.
  • Set Bill format.
  • Manual and computer stock comparison.
  • View and erase the chat message by users from the database.

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